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Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Dearest Treasure

You are the one that accompany me when i'm out,
You are the one that console me when i'm sad,
You are the one that shares my joy,
You are the one thing that truly matters to me,
You are my precious little toy....

Yet you are now no longer by my side,
Yet I still can't take you off my mine,
This seperation has me me yearn for you like I never had,
Such deep feelings and memories of you,
This heart of mine that's missing every moment of you,
You and only you that makes my life whole,

How i wish i can snatch you back,
From the devil's lair,
Even now as I hope that miracle will happen,
That the time may flow back as i command
I wish i could undo all that had been done,
To rectify my wrongs doing towards you my love,

We will meet again... but it comes with a price too great,
I may not able to bring you back,
For i might risk everything else that I hold dear.
I miss you,
I love you,
So just come back, come home....
Wont you just appear in front of me?
When i open my eyes in the middle of the night dreaming of you...

My love....
I will and I promise...
I'll get you back.
In the mean time, hold on...
I'll come and get you My dearest One.
For i am your master
now and forever till the day do us part by death
and by death only.

Stay strong!
I'm coming!
Live my dear...
I love you, K 530.
Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is one of the wining entries for the contest that i held in www.aarinfantasy.com/forum.

I posted it here is purely for those who are interested in YAOI to enjoy.

Warning: This is Boys X Boys relationship aka Gays. This 18+ fan fiction contains Extreme Sexual Graphic Content. Please navigate away or skip this post if you do not want to contaminate your innocent mind!!! and DO NOT insult or criticized this story. If you do not like it, don't read it. But if you enjoy it and LOVE it or wanna know more about this type of story please do leave a comment in my shoutbox. ^^

Hehe now enough of the talks. Lets get on with the show!!! ENJOY!!! >_<

Fandom: D.Gray man Pairing: Lord Tyki Mikk X Allen Walker

Credits go to the author of this wonderful fan fiction: kurayamifantasy

Dance with the Devil.

Here I stand, helpless and left for dead.

Nausea. Fear. Curiosity. Allen couldn't decide which emotion was the most prominent in his current state. He was numb, bleeding and naked, fear crawling across his skin as the darkness danced around him. The fear uncoiled in his stomach, a merciless snake that slithered through his veins as he shuddered, his eyes closing tightly in disgust. Though he was unaware of his surroundings, Allen’s mind worked quickly. The smell that filled his nostrils was surprisingly sweet, but the ground was clearly pavement. ‘So,’ he thought to himself in surprise, ’I’m outside.’

Standing up abruptly, Allen was shocked to discover that his knees were shaking and his wrists, when looking down at them, were bruised. Now, questions were plaguing his mind disturbingly and he had to question himself. “What the Hell has happened to me?”

Close your eyes, so many days go by.

An attempt to walk caused Allen to crash against a building, his mouth opening in a silent scream. His backside was burning painfully and he had to fight back the bile that rose in his throat as he tried to remember the events that seemed to hide away from his memory. He could have sworn that he had been cautious and even so, walking down the streets of England had never proved to be dangerous unless an Akuma made itself known.

Opening his eyes suddenly, Allen’s face burned with a blush as he felt something leak out from his tender backside and almost instantly, as though he were watching a movie, his eyes glazed over and the memories flashed before his eyes in a replay.

I believe in you, I can show you that I can see right through all your empty lies.

A moan, a soft and desperate moan leaked out of his wet lips. He was arching wantonly, craving... needing... wanting more, but it hurt to admit the truth. The desire that pulsed through his veins was strangling him and he refused to come to terms with the effects that the sadistically handsome man had on him; the man above him was wild with insane desire, his eyes filled with malice as he stared down at the white-haired boy, yet he was still gorgeous.

“Tell me what you need. Beg me for it.”

Tyki twisted the dildo farther up, the tip pressing deliciously against Allen’s prostate as he licked the boy’s pulsing, weeping cock. A cock-ring was tight around the base of his member and Tyki’s loins heated as he watched Allen cry out for his much-needed release. His enemy, this sweet and innocent boy, was whimpering for him, so desperate to come. It was too rich, too sinful of a memory; he laughed.

Allen heard the chuckle and immediately, tears ran down his face as he sobbed in humiliation. It hurt, it felt deliciously good, it made him feel dirty, it made him feel alive, it made him feel. The tug-of-war between desire and disgust was tearing him apart, and even as the dildo began to vibrate, he continued to sob at the pleasure that wracked through his bruised body.
He stared down at the Exorcist, his laughter dying down as he smirked. He was beautiful, so beautiful that he wanted Allen to die by his hands; He wanted Allen’s blood to taint his skin and he yearned to thrust his cock into the tight, virgin passage.
He wanted Allen to himself; all of his tears, blood and emotions.

Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight.

Almost as though his memories were on fast-forward, Allen collapsed to the ground, his head buried between his hands as he recalled the last scene of that night, speeding through the cruel teasing that Tyki had put him through.

“Let’s dance, Allen.”

Those had been the last words that he had said before he had thrusted himself into Allen, the blood making it easier for him to slide in fully. The older man’s hands were tight on the white-haired boy’s hips, his cock sliding roughly in and out of his ass as he grunted in feral manner. He was no longer a man but an animal, longing to make his prey bleed out, confused and afraid. The head of his member rocked against Allen’s prostate and the boy’s swollen, purple cock twitched. He was crying, beautiful tears, and they all belonged to Tyki.

Allen couldn’t meet his eyes. Dark, cynical, cruel eyes that wished for his pain. He couldn’t meet his eyes, but he felt them racking over him possessively as he whimpered. Yet no matter how much pain he was in, Allen continued to wish for his release, continued to thrust his ass against Tyki’s hard, pulsing member. The same word circled in his mind: Sin.

The thrusting sped up. The groans and cries became louder. Tyki’s nails scratched at Allen’s hipbone, furious red trails contrasting his pale skin. He continued to pound himself into the boy, even gripped his cock and stroked it as a howl of painful pleasure met his ears.

Yet too soon was it over. Tyki’s semen coated Allen’s abused walls before he pulled out, a look of satisfaction painted over his face as his cum seeped out of his lover’s passage.

Don't you dare look at him in the eye...

Walking over to Allen’s side, he unlocked the chains that bound his arms and legs, a smile that was sweet and bitter. He stood back, watched as the Exorcist tried to beg for his release. He begged with his eyes, his fingers trembling as he yearned for Tyki’s touch, causing the Portuguese man to perform one last act of cruelty.

Whispering in Allen’s ear, the man breathed out. “Do it yourself.”

Through the alley, sobs could be heard. Painful, pitiful sobs. Allen’s legs continued to shake as he looked down at his now cum-soaked pants, an unknown laugh ripping through him as he slowly lost himself.

“I’ve been defeated.”

Thursday, January 1, 2009


It has been a hail of a ride throughout sweet sixteen year 2008.

I've been through many and learnt alot this year. Had fun, regrets, sorrow and joy.

- *sighs* chose pure science, got into Gamma
- XD cant remember much, so blame it on my poor memory K??

- during school holz I've sign up for an acting class in KL Performing Art Center. I had lots of fun and boy do i love standing on stage. the sensation coursing through my body when i stood upon the stage is overwhelming.
* hopes i can have the chance to stand on stage again next year ^^*
- signed up for a tuition class near my house, known as THE DEVIL WONG Exclusive A tuition center *shivers*

- Best birthday party i ever went!! the twins b'day party was indeed a magnificent fest!! *drools*
- Met cool new friends during the One day camp held in school. Ok well i did flirt around... well thats me!! XD
- Enter the school Drama team and went to compete in the pudu zon category, won 3rd place. haha i really had so much fun!! I cabn skip class with excuse during that whole week or more!!!!!! Wahaha!!! Hey and i got to learn a bit of fencing taught by Gary for free!! cuz its gonna be used in the play. I portrayed as the Bad guy in tthe play, the dangerously seductive villain!! *fans self*

- During the mid term holz, i was lucky! really lucky to have a chance to go to JAPAN!!!!! and as an exchange student.. well sort of. Haha anyway I really really cherish the experienced which money cant buy, the joy of spending time there with my host family and the life time chance to actually wear a Kimono and a very beautiful one at that. *bows* Thank you for giving me chance.

- 4 school combined event (SBU,VI,SJI,CBN) I was nervous handling an event which includes inviting over 600 ppl @.@ and as the organizer it really is a very heavy pressure!!! But it went on "smoothly"....
- Koperasi Sales, so hectic omg
- Hehe my B'day - 29/6 went out with friends ^^

July onwards things quieted down abit... most of the majors event and project i need to do is finish *gosh what a relived!*

- Yes this is the month the result of our long year struggle will bear fruits.
Its the announcement of who will succeed the next committee board for Koperasi Sbu 2008/2009. *drums roll* ----> Vice President. Hey not bad ^^ my hard work did paid off i think... ^^
As for St. John and Chinese society *drums roll* ----> Treasurer and vice treasurer
haha oh well i did my best anyway.....

- CRAZY!!! I'll tell u this. How can they cramp all the exams together??!! AArg still piss at the school poo or management of time.
- Then long awaited holz is coming and so long school!!!
- yea i basically rotted at home..... =P
- watch anime D.Gray-man *fangal scream* Argg I love This anime!!! Lord Tyki Mikk X Allen Walker forever!! I'm a yaoi fan =P
- I cut my hair short!! historical moment!! HAHA

- went to attend a 3 day course course at IACT college. And boy do i miss the lecturers and the HOT and Cute guys there!! Oh JC ....
- went to Comic Fiesta, spent alot *looks at wallet* haha I'm broke... =(
- On Christmas, I went to Terrenganu . Had fun, flirt, and drank 2 glass of Heineiken bear. Hehe
-went to Thailand, Hat Yai. Hehe shopping spree!!! oh yea baby, theres so many things to shop here!! I even bought a cheongsam!!! XD and boy was the food there DELICIOUS!!!! *bloated* And In Thai "Muk Kiao" is what they say to drink everything in 1 go. So they adults dare me to "Muk Kiao" a glass of red wine, so now way am i gonna loose to them!! So yea i drank the red wine all in 1 go... thats my 1st time drinking in 1 go, and nope i didn;t get drunk, I'm good with liqour... *flaunts flaunts*

Upcoming event for year 2009

-well one things is certain! I'm going to be the MC for a singing comp thats gonna be held next year around May. So anticipate my performance ppl!! XD
- Omg SPM!!! OH just kill me already...... *burns books*
- gets my driving licence!! I seriously cant stand my mom time management!! Its horrible!!!
- score good grade in Trials, use this to apply to desire college!! ^^
- go to prom!!! I want a HOT date!! *dreams*

YUP I had lots of fun!!! laughter and joyful moments!! Thank you everyone!! *GROUP HUGS*
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My time @ IACT

I'll just keep this simple and short since Kylie has most of it posted on her blog during our 3 day course at IACT.

The 1st day....

- ok it was a total bore, guess the atmosphere haven't cooked up yet.
- Urgg... the 1st lecture almost put me to sleep... Zzzzz
- The campus is small!! even smaller than the One Academy. =.="
- Then we went to One Utama to wait for my mom to come and fetch us
- We had Sushi for Dinner aint that nice??!!

The 2nd day....

- its starting to heat up, but not quite there yet.. pretty odd right??
- when we are having our hands on workshop on graphic design, suddenly there's a power shortage. Me and Kylie were like "What The....."
- Then the power came back and we had our Public Relation workshop. OMG now boy was that workshop fun!! You have got to love Her aka Miss Sue the lecturer. She is a wonderful and entertaining and full of humor MC!!
*hmm.. may be i should study PR??... we'll see, i'm keeping my option open... XD*
** Hint Hint ---- i'm gonna be the Mc for an upcoming singing competition, wanna see me in action?? hehe it'll be held next year end of April. **
- Then we went to One Utama again as my family is there waiting for us along with my annoying sibling *rolleyes*
- there's a Apple mini convention so we played with the displayed comps and took some very funny pictures

Kylie looks so totally Baka-ish and Funny in this pic!!!
check out her head size!! XD haha

The 3rd day ...

- Now things are not just heating up, in fact its boiling!!
- We had the most fun during the final day, the lecturers are all so funny and friendly
- The Mass Communication lecturer aka Ah Beng, is so hilarious... he even told us some Singaporean jokes. XD haha
- And soon, after the whole course ended and we got our certs.... I kinda drag Kylie to teman me to Comic Fiesta which is at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. >_<

>> lol I'm ending my post here. Tata ^^
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time for something NEW

Hey guess what?!
I... I... cut my hair short!!!
After years of having it long....
I wanna have a change. ^^

So yea ..... well it will grow back
so no worries. =P

Wanna see???.....
XD may be next time. I'll post the pic ^^

LOL i guess this is a very lame post.... =.="
Sunday, November 16, 2008

Are you a Uke/Seme ??

hehe inspire by a friend of mine *cant tell you who*

have you ever wonder you are more to the Top (seme) which is a dominant type....
well espeacially in the bedroom!! *haha*
the more timid shy type Bottom (uke) who would just happyliy submit to the seme?

hehe got your interest?? come take a quiz!!
you'll be shock!!


BE HONEST when you answer the question!!

Here's some uke/seme personality quiz!!!

#1 Click here!!!

Tell me your results!!
Saturday, November 15, 2008

Comic Fiesta is back in KL

To all anime, manga and cosplayer lovers out there
Do come and participate in the CF
this coming school holiday!!!

The details:
Comic Fiesta 2008

Sunway Pyramid Convention Hall
20th - 21st December 2008
11 AM to 7 PM

for more details please do visit their official website:

@ The twins, moky and khoi meng?
Do come!!! i'm definitle going!!
Then maybe we'll go hang out at
sunway pyramid shoopping ceter later??