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Thursday, July 17, 2008

breath in.........

breath out........
breath in....
breath out....

Argg... today is sooooooooo tiring!!!
OMG what with all the sudden homework @.@ *seeing stars in front of eyes*
gosh.... my hands and arms are practically screaming for me to STOP!!!
lol well seeing how a lazy person i am this is quite usual.... HAHA
But still this is driving me crazy!!! *holds knife starts stabbing homeworks ^^ stab.. stab.. stab..*

and now for the emo part =(
see piles of homework *faints*
later after school ko-op interview *faints summore*
after interview *broken & cries*
later... no transport home...WTH!!!
so i end up *read below*

flirts wit XXX, takes trains, talks, walks, OMG gonna rain..... ok take taxi. say BYE BYE to RM4.70.
reaches home... starts recapping.. then go into deeper emo mood.
Then cheerful again. ^^

haha XD its so hard for me to stay emo for a long time....

i hopes this make sense... 0.0