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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The castle i built for the past few years
has finally crumple down
whats left are just mere poles supporting

now the aim for continuing has disappear
my souls ripped from my body
i know nothing more
so lost
so sad

what is there left for me??!!
you have plunged a dagger
deep into my heart
tearing it apart
shattering it
i'm broken

i'm tired
i'm through and fed up
too despair till no tears fell
i want
but i dun cry
not in front of people
i'll curl up in one's corner and sob
but this time no tears fell
guess i'm too numb to feel

too numb
i suspect my heart is made of steel
no emotion
a walking corpse that breath
and smile
wearing a mask 365 days 24 hours
a great actress
applaud me

i hate you...
do u know?
i cherish you...
do u know?
i'm here
i'm not a nobody
think before you talk
your words are like needles
poking me
not ones not twice
but many
lost count

curls up
gazing up the midnight moon
anybody there?
save me please
i fell
into the bottomless pit
its dark here
i'm cold
save me....
i'm LOST.