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Saturday, July 19, 2008

And now for the hectic 4th
so i went to the museum near Himeji Castle to try on the Hime (princess) Kimono OMG and its a 12 piece clothing wight around 11kg!!!
But gosh it was so beautiful.
jealous?? hehe XD

me on a horse in the museum ^^

hehe.. ppl dressing me up!!!

hold breath!!! omg its so tight -.-"

more colorful layers...

and finally its done!! presenting M3 ^^

poser =P

the beautiful me and my host family ^^
hehe vainnya...

haha then i change my cloths to yukata (japanese summer wear) in the museum 0.0


taking a stroll ^^

pretty me
the style of my yukata from the back. ^^

see me so unique till tourist wanna take pic with M3!!

enjoying my tea in tea ceremony.

-i'm tired continue next time-
cya ^^