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Saturday, July 19, 2008

As you all know M3, elaine, xin yi and wei gin went to japan on the 23 May 2008

so here is my part of experience ^^

OMG on the 1st day we got lost!!! n yea thx to me we're safe!! haha perasan...
this the pic took on the 1st day we arrive Japan after 6hours and 5 mins of plane..=.="

pics of all participants.

later, me and my family went to eat TEMPURA!!
so OISHII (yummy)!!!!

On the 2nd day, M3 family and Xin Yi family went outing together at the famous Golden Temple^^

lovely view right?? ^^

my host mother and sister ^^

M3 and sis, Xin Yi and her sis ^^

Say Cheese!!! >.<
Pretty?? hehe =P

i luv this pic!!
we look so vain!! Wahaha XD

wishes wishes wishes ^^

my wishes ^^

reading our fortune. ^^

green tea + vanilla icecream. ^^
argg.. but it got me feeling sick.. =(

my sis. so funny!!! XD

on the train back home.
had so much FUN!!!

haha and that the end of the 2nd day!!

I stayed at home on the 3rd day.. cuz too tired ed..
but hey i get to enjoy delicious strawberry with my sis ^^

yum yum ^^

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