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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My time @ IACT

I'll just keep this simple and short since Kylie has most of it posted on her blog during our 3 day course at IACT.

The 1st day....

- ok it was a total bore, guess the atmosphere haven't cooked up yet.
- Urgg... the 1st lecture almost put me to sleep... Zzzzz
- The campus is small!! even smaller than the One Academy. =.="
- Then we went to One Utama to wait for my mom to come and fetch us
- We had Sushi for Dinner aint that nice??!!

The 2nd day....

- its starting to heat up, but not quite there yet.. pretty odd right??
- when we are having our hands on workshop on graphic design, suddenly there's a power shortage. Me and Kylie were like "What The....."
- Then the power came back and we had our Public Relation workshop. OMG now boy was that workshop fun!! You have got to love Her aka Miss Sue the lecturer. She is a wonderful and entertaining and full of humor MC!!
*hmm.. may be i should study PR??... we'll see, i'm keeping my option open... XD*
** Hint Hint ---- i'm gonna be the Mc for an upcoming singing competition, wanna see me in action?? hehe it'll be held next year end of April. **
- Then we went to One Utama again as my family is there waiting for us along with my annoying sibling *rolleyes*
- there's a Apple mini convention so we played with the displayed comps and took some very funny pictures

Kylie looks so totally Baka-ish and Funny in this pic!!!
check out her head size!! XD haha

The 3rd day ...

- Now things are not just heating up, in fact its boiling!!
- We had the most fun during the final day, the lecturers are all so funny and friendly
- The Mass Communication lecturer aka Ah Beng, is so hilarious... he even told us some Singaporean jokes. XD haha
- And soon, after the whole course ended and we got our certs.... I kinda drag Kylie to teman me to Comic Fiesta which is at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. >_<

>> lol I'm ending my post here. Tata ^^