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Thursday, January 1, 2009


It has been a hail of a ride throughout sweet sixteen year 2008.

I've been through many and learnt alot this year. Had fun, regrets, sorrow and joy.

- *sighs* chose pure science, got into Gamma
- XD cant remember much, so blame it on my poor memory K??

- during school holz I've sign up for an acting class in KL Performing Art Center. I had lots of fun and boy do i love standing on stage. the sensation coursing through my body when i stood upon the stage is overwhelming.
* hopes i can have the chance to stand on stage again next year ^^*
- signed up for a tuition class near my house, known as THE DEVIL WONG Exclusive A tuition center *shivers*

- Best birthday party i ever went!! the twins b'day party was indeed a magnificent fest!! *drools*
- Met cool new friends during the One day camp held in school. Ok well i did flirt around... well thats me!! XD
- Enter the school Drama team and went to compete in the pudu zon category, won 3rd place. haha i really had so much fun!! I cabn skip class with excuse during that whole week or more!!!!!! Wahaha!!! Hey and i got to learn a bit of fencing taught by Gary for free!! cuz its gonna be used in the play. I portrayed as the Bad guy in tthe play, the dangerously seductive villain!! *fans self*

- During the mid term holz, i was lucky! really lucky to have a chance to go to JAPAN!!!!! and as an exchange student.. well sort of. Haha anyway I really really cherish the experienced which money cant buy, the joy of spending time there with my host family and the life time chance to actually wear a Kimono and a very beautiful one at that. *bows* Thank you for giving me chance.

- 4 school combined event (SBU,VI,SJI,CBN) I was nervous handling an event which includes inviting over 600 ppl @.@ and as the organizer it really is a very heavy pressure!!! But it went on "smoothly"....
- Koperasi Sales, so hectic omg
- Hehe my B'day - 29/6 went out with friends ^^

July onwards things quieted down abit... most of the majors event and project i need to do is finish *gosh what a relived!*

- Yes this is the month the result of our long year struggle will bear fruits.
Its the announcement of who will succeed the next committee board for Koperasi Sbu 2008/2009. *drums roll* ----> Vice President. Hey not bad ^^ my hard work did paid off i think... ^^
As for St. John and Chinese society *drums roll* ----> Treasurer and vice treasurer
haha oh well i did my best anyway.....

- CRAZY!!! I'll tell u this. How can they cramp all the exams together??!! AArg still piss at the school poo or management of time.
- Then long awaited holz is coming and so long school!!!
- yea i basically rotted at home..... =P
- watch anime D.Gray-man *fangal scream* Argg I love This anime!!! Lord Tyki Mikk X Allen Walker forever!! I'm a yaoi fan =P
- I cut my hair short!! historical moment!! HAHA

- went to attend a 3 day course course at IACT college. And boy do i miss the lecturers and the HOT and Cute guys there!! Oh JC ....
- went to Comic Fiesta, spent alot *looks at wallet* haha I'm broke... =(
- On Christmas, I went to Terrenganu . Had fun, flirt, and drank 2 glass of Heineiken bear. Hehe
-went to Thailand, Hat Yai. Hehe shopping spree!!! oh yea baby, theres so many things to shop here!! I even bought a cheongsam!!! XD and boy was the food there DELICIOUS!!!! *bloated* And In Thai "Muk Kiao" is what they say to drink everything in 1 go. So they adults dare me to "Muk Kiao" a glass of red wine, so now way am i gonna loose to them!! So yea i drank the red wine all in 1 go... thats my 1st time drinking in 1 go, and nope i didn;t get drunk, I'm good with liqour... *flaunts flaunts*

Upcoming event for year 2009

-well one things is certain! I'm going to be the MC for a singing comp thats gonna be held next year around May. So anticipate my performance ppl!! XD
- Omg SPM!!! OH just kill me already...... *burns books*
- gets my driving licence!! I seriously cant stand my mom time management!! Its horrible!!!
- score good grade in Trials, use this to apply to desire college!! ^^
- go to prom!!! I want a HOT date!! *dreams*

YUP I had lots of fun!!! laughter and joyful moments!! Thank you everyone!! *GROUP HUGS*