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Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Dearest Treasure

You are the one that accompany me when i'm out,
You are the one that console me when i'm sad,
You are the one that shares my joy,
You are the one thing that truly matters to me,
You are my precious little toy....

Yet you are now no longer by my side,
Yet I still can't take you off my mine,
This seperation has me me yearn for you like I never had,
Such deep feelings and memories of you,
This heart of mine that's missing every moment of you,
You and only you that makes my life whole,

How i wish i can snatch you back,
From the devil's lair,
Even now as I hope that miracle will happen,
That the time may flow back as i command
I wish i could undo all that had been done,
To rectify my wrongs doing towards you my love,

We will meet again... but it comes with a price too great,
I may not able to bring you back,
For i might risk everything else that I hold dear.
I miss you,
I love you,
So just come back, come home....
Wont you just appear in front of me?
When i open my eyes in the middle of the night dreaming of you...

My love....
I will and I promise...
I'll get you back.
In the mean time, hold on...
I'll come and get you My dearest One.
For i am your master
now and forever till the day do us part by death
and by death only.

Stay strong!
I'm coming!
Live my dear...
I love you, K 530.